If I will give you a posy of flowers
I will welcome your morning with elegant tulips.
Their colourful blooms will give you comfort,
and will trigger some cheerful thoughts.

If I want to brighten your saddened day
I will embrace you with bountiful gerbera daisies
Their bold and outstanding appearance
will leave a lasting impression and a peace of mind.
If I am to surprise you at your “work”,
I will shower you with stargazer lilies
Their dazzling look and seductive scent
will drive you back hurriedly in our place.
If we will be dancing in the sweetest tune
I surely will hand you a bouquet of carnation
To let you feel that it’s not just admiration
but an expression of deeper sentiments of love and affection.
Inside our castle you will be my princess
surrounded by purple iris flowers.
YOU, aside from the State of Tennessee
deserves to see its striking uniqueness and beauty.

Tulips, Carnations, Gerbera daisies,
Iris flowers and Stargazer lilies
not just ornaments to the stunning nature
but also an expression of a love’s so pure.

And if I were to show you now
How do I love you? - with a simple bow,
Here’s the lovely bouquet of 5,
saying: “I LOVE YOU” with all my life.

Trivia: IRIS is the State Flower of Tennessee
photo credit to google
Copyright 2009 HUE and YOU.... All rights reserved.